Superintendent's Message 10/12/20

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October 12, 2020

Greetings Lawrence Families!

This morning we welcomed back into school about 40 of our special education students at Lawrenceville Elementary and Ben Franklin. It was wonderful to see them!

In preparation for proceeding with the return to school schedule for various grade levels that I shared with you in my October 6th letter, we are conducting a brief survey (questionnaire). We need to know parents’ choices for their child’s instruction moving forward. How many parents want the Hybrid Model for their child to have a combination of in-person and remote instruction on an A/B rotating schedule? How many parents want their child to remain totally on Remote Instruction? This information will determine how many students and staff we need to prepare for their being in our buildings.

Parents should consult the A/B rotating schedules for the Hybrid Model for various grade levels as well as the Remote Instruction schedule so they can make an informed choice in the questionnaire. Students in the Hybrid Model will receive approximately 4 hours of in-person instruction (synchronous) as well as some remote and asynchronous (independent) instruction in the afternoons. On the days when the students are not in school, they will receive live remote instruction (synchronous) for a portion of the day. No lunches will be served in school.

Students in self-contained or PreKindergarten classes have either already received or soon will receive schedules from their respective schools.

Currently, it looks like students whose last name begins with A-L will be in cohort (group) A, and those whose last name begins with M-Z will be in the B cohort. Students in the A cohort of the Hybrid Model will attend school in-person on Mondays and Tuesdays. Those in the B cohort of the Hybrid Model will attend in-person on Wednesdays and Thursdays. The exact cohorts will be decided based on the survey results and how many families choose the Hybrid Model.

All students, whether hybrid or remote, will have asynchronous (independent) instruction on Fridays until January. This will allow time for planning and professional development for staff.

It is important that parents take the brief Return to School questionnaire via the Genesis student information system.  Please log into the Genesis parent access account for your child just as you would if you were checking your child’s attendance or grades. (See photo on page 2 to see the location of the questionnaire within Genesis.) The 3-question questionnaire should be completed for each child that you have in our district so we know the number of students who will be in our buildings as well as transportation needs. We realize this is an additional step, but it is important that we have an accurate response for every student.  Contact your school’s guidance office if you are not sure how to log into Genesis. 


  • We are using a daily health screening tool for staff and for each child who comes into our buildings. If you choose the Hybrid Model for your child, you will need to complete the brief health screening daily prior to your child’s boarding a school bus or entering a school building. One of the questions on the survey in Genesis asks for the email address to which you want the daily health screening email sent. A link to the health screening will come very early in the morning to the email address you designate and will have a link to the short health screening. A second, reminder email will come later if you don’t respond to the first email. The actual link to the health screening will only be in the first email. Check your junk mail folder if you don’t see the email in your inbox initially. The email will come from “Lawrence Township Public Schools.”
  • If you choose the Remote Instruction option, your child will remain in remote instruction while we are in the current hybrid schedule.

Please complete the questionnaire by 4 PM on Friday, October 16th. I thank you in advance for your input and for helping us prepare for and welcome our students and staff back into the district. There are many moving parts to return students and staff, and I thank you for your patience throughout. One thing we have learned for sure from this pandemic is that conditions can change quickly.

Best wishes for your health and safety.

With gratitude,


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