Superintendent's Message 4/14/20

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Dear Lawrence Families,

I hope you enjoyed the spring recess and got some relief from the stress generated by staying home and the ongoing challenges that brings.

Remote Instruction—remote instruction for our students resumes today. Please emphasize the importance of taking learning seriously and, just as if they were within their classroom’s walls, doing their best. Please note: after this week, we will no longer use Zoom as a teaching platform, for the same reason that we were hesitant to use it in the first place. We have found multiple issues with privacy, confidentiality and security with the platform, and we are not willing to potentially compromise our students’ privacy. You may have seen the same concerns reported in the media about other districts or states.

Reopening School—this is a topic on all of our minds. We expect to hear more from Governor Murphy this week about if and when school districts may reopen. I do not anticipate that we will be back before May 4th at the earliest. I know that this has been difficult for all, and I appreciate your continued support and patience.

Class of 2020—we realize our current situation is particularly hard on our seniors. Consider all milestones and events you looked forward to your senior year as you approached the end of your high school career. There are many questions and uncertainties about the seniors’ yearend activities. Will we have the prom? What about graduation? It is important to acknowledge and celebrate their efforts. We are making backup plans in case we remain closed. As we approach the end of the school calendar, we need to know the timeline for social distancing and other restrictions before finalizing any such plans. We will share details once we have a clearer picture of New Jersey’s status and what is possible at a given time.

My best wishes for being safe and well,