Superintendent's Message 3/20/20

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Dear Lawrence Families:

These are uncertain and stressful times, as we are all trying to make sense of and respond to our new reality as best we can.   This can be especially stressful for our kids.  They have grown up in a connected world…a world of sharing.  Constant connectivity and sharing with others have become the norm. We now are asking all to observe social distancing and to shelter in our homes to stop the spread of this horrible virus.

I earnestly ask every person to please help with this call for social distancing and sheltering at home.  As seems to be common throughout the ages, young people frequently think they are indestructible. Thus, some young folks are disregarding the importance of social distancing and staying home.  This must stop. Our teens and twenty-somethings are not immune to this virus.  As parents, we must enact strict precautions. I understand it is difficult. However, you do not want to catch or spread this to someone you care about.

We need all students and families to heed the warnings of our public health and government officials.  We want and need community members to stay safe.  This request is being made for the health of our children, the vulnerable, the elderly, the first responders, our community at large, and…for you.  We all have a responsibility in slowing the spread of COVID-19.  

I anticipate additional direction from the NJ Department of Education and the NJ Department of Health in the coming week.  For now, please expect virtual/remote learning to continue until the governor releases the Executive Order.  

Here is our charge—we must adhere to Governor Murphy’s Executive Order and enact social distancing including the following:

    • We must refrain from large gatherings (current recommendation is no more than 10 people).
    • We must protect our children by eliminating playdates and social gatherings.
    • We must avoid gathering on basketball courts, tracks, lacrosse, and football fields.
    • We must avoid playgrounds.

Social distancing does not mean social disconnection.  We must be mindful of physical distancing, yet not lose sight of the importance of connecting with one another.  Please, find ways to connect with others and find resources/supports to manage your children’s and your own anxieties and frustrations.  

Thank you for working with us during these difficult times. We will get through this. Have a safe and healthy weekend!

With gratitude,