Is/Are my child(ren) required to take the PARCC assessment?

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Yes.  According to the New Jersey Department of Education N.J.A.C. 6A:8-4.1: All students at grade levels three through twelve and any other grade(s) designated by the Commissioner pursuant to 6A:8-4.1(a), shall take all appropriate statewide assessments as scheduled.  Parents/guardians who choose to have their child “refuse” to participate in the PARCC state assessment should send a signed letter to their child’s school principal specifically stating this request.  The principal should receive the “refusal” letter at least three school days prior to the first day of testing.


While we respect and acknowledge a parent/guardian’s right to make educational decisions for their child, it is important to note that the New Jersey State Department of Education expects that all children will complete the appropriate PARCC assessment for their grade level and/or current course of educational program.