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SHH Builds a School in Honduras

This winter, senior Nelle Evans joined Students Helping Honduras advisor Alyssa Katz on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Honduras, where the LHS chapter of SHH has been building a school with money raised through their dedicated and tireless fundraising efforts, including shirt sales, restaurant fundraisers, "paint and punch" activities, and more.


From December 2016 to December 2017, the LHS branch of SHH raised a total of $25,150, enough to fully fund a school in a small community in northern Honduras called Esfuerzo de Jesus.  Ten LHS volunteers broke ground on the school in July 2016, and Honduran workers and community members finished the construction in 26 days, a record time for the organization! Members will return this coming July to inaugurate the school and paint it red and white in honor of LHS!


Check out what it was like to be a part of this amazing journey by reading Nelle's experiences in her own words:


"Volunteering with SHH is an experience unlike any other. The first day in Honduras volunteers take a tour of Villa Soleada, the original hostel and village built by Students Helping Honduras. SHH also conducts some work site tours to visit villages with completed schools. We returned to the village of El Banano, a site that Senorita Katz had broken ground on, and some other LHS SHHers had the opportunity to work on as well. It was amazing to see the completed school that had been nothing but a field of dirt only this summer. Seeing kids and adults from the community, we were welcomed with open arms. Throughout the rest of the week, we worked hand-in-hand with Honduran laborers, community members, and students on a school in the village of Pesca Milagrosa. This school is unlike any project SHH has worked on: it will serve the mentally and physically handicapped communities in the area. Moms, dads, grandmothers and children of all ages jump in line to help the workers and the volunteers pass brick after brick, and hundreds of buckets of cement. When volunteers are not working, we are experiencing the culture, whether through eating a home-cooked Honduran meal or hitting the pitch for a round of soccer. Connecting with the communities and the kids is such a vital part of what SHH does, and it really brings the experience full circle. Earlier in 2016, LHS SHH was given the task of raising the $25,000 needed to construct Jorge Fidel Duron Middle School. This is no easy task as most college chapters bring in just over half that amount. We were given the incredible opportunity to return to the work site that we have tirelessly been raising money for, and where we had broken ground this past summer. The over hour and a half drive was well worth it, as we arrived to a completed school, ready to teach hundreds of students starting this February. The previous day at dinner, our final fundraising totals had gone through the SHH accounts, totaling just over $25,000. Overall, the week was an experience unlike any other, and I’m sure I can speak for both Mrs. Katz and myself when I say we can’t wait to go back this summer!"