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Lawrence Middle School and Eldridge Park/Lawrence High School Receive 2024 Promising Practice Awards

Lawrence Middle School and Eldridge Park/Lawrence High School Receive 2024 Promising Practice Awards Recognizes Innovative Programs for Enhancing Student Success and Character Development


Be a cardinal day, a leading advocate for character development in schools and organizations, has recognized Eldridge Park Elementary School and Lawrence High School for their joint program “LHS Cardinal Mentors for Student Success,” and Lawrence Middle School for its “Be a Cardinal Day.”

"We are extremely proud to recognize the schools and organizations that have developed and implemented a Promising Practice,” said Dr. Arthur Schwartz, President of “These programs demonstrate significant impact and align with principles that help cultivate a culture of character.”

LHS Cardinal Mentors for Student Success: The program entails Lawrence High School’s National Honors Society students mentoring elementary students at Eldridge Park Elementary School. These mentors provide academic, social, and emotional support, acting as positive role models. LHS students meet their mentees weekly for 45 minutes in a quiet, supervised classroom. They work on assigned tasks, set goals, and play educational games. The program ensures mentors are well-prepared and matched to meet the specific needs of their mentees.

Be a Cardinal Day: Initially designed to help students readjust post-pandemic, “Be a Cardinal Day” has evolved into a key annual event. This year's theme, “You are Here,” featured a virtual assembly around the book "What the Road Said." Students engaged in self-discovery through life maps, fostering discussions on respect, responsibility, empathy, and integrity. Sessions like “Cardinal Vocabulary” and “Cardinal Writing” emphasized character through vocabulary development and reflective activities. Students created a classroom word wall and participated in “Vocabulary Heads Up,” reinforcing character concepts via interactive play, building teamwork and communication skills. Through skits and stories like "Chrysanthemum," students explored the impact of kindness and empathy. The day concluded with a school-wide “Be A Cardinal” bingo game, reinforcing the day's lessons and community spirit. “Be a Cardinal Day” promotes’s mission by fostering character growth and a positive school culture where every student feels valued and supported.

For more information on's Promising Practices program, please visit their website.