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Lawrence Madrigal Performs at Trenton War Memorial for General Assembly of the State of New Jersey

 The Lawrence High School Honors Madrigal Choir, under direction of Mandy Johnson, took to the stage at the prestigious Trenton War Memorial Tuesday, concluding  the 221st reorganization of the General Assembly of the State of New Jersey. The ceremony, marking the commencement of a new legislative session, concluded on a high note with our Choir's acapella rendition of "God Bless America."

District 15, which represents Lawrence Township and is represented by Assemblywoman Verlina Reynolds-Jackson and Assemblyman Anthony Verrelli, was honored to have the LHS Honors Madrigal Choir contribute to the inauguration ceremony. Both representatives expressed their appreciation for the Choir's performance and took the opportunity to meet with the singers post-ceremony.

The LHS Honors Choir Madrigal's participation in such a high-level state event not only highlights the musical excellence nurtured in Lawrence Township Public Schools but also reinforces the importance of arts education in fostering community and civic engagement.

Lawrence High School's Madrigal Choir is an advanced auditioned ensemble focusing on music theory, vocal technique, and challenging high school and college level repertoire. Former graduates of the Lawrence High School music program have gone on to prestigious universities across the country including Princeton and Stanford, as well as achieving highly in the performance world with alumni on Broadway and featured at Carnegie hall and beyond. 


Choir members pictured:

Sriya Buddi

Patrick Darius

Mekhi Edwards

Nathan Gray

Amberly Guzman

Eliana Hancock

Cheyenne Harris 

Amy Hernandez Montepeque 

Thea Hughes

Mirella Ionescu

Spencer Jean-Baptiste 

Raina Lewis

Claudia Luckey
Sophia Margolis

Matthew Martinez

Aaron Mason

Ryleigh McDevitt

Dhruv Mittal

May Ann Nweje 

Megan O’Neal 

Leandro Pascal 

Misael Ramirez

Jaylen Stanley 

Dylan Tockman 

Jasmine Vaughan