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Agarwal named Governor's Scholar

Lawrence High School (LHS) senior Arjun Agarwal is in the LTPS news once again! Arjun has been named a Governor’s Scholar and was “…selected from a very talented pool of applicants to participate in this summer's Governor's School of Engineering & Technology hosted by the Rutgers University School of Engineering!”

Additional excerpts from his congratulatory letter:

“…You will be spending four weeks, free of charge to you and your family, engaged in engineering and technology with others who share your interests...This summer's Governor's School of Engineering & Technology has been made possible through very generous sponsorship by Rutgers University, the State of New Jersey, corporate donors, Governor's School alumni, and a number of other donors.”

“This summer, scholars will be taking 4 academic online classes, completing a virtual research and/or design project in a group of 4 - 5 students, and meeting equally talented peers and professionals from across the state.”

Congratulations, Arjun!