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School Improvements Referendum on the Horizon

The April and July 2017 editions of The Link, the district's newsletter for the Lawrence community, and the September 2017 Back-to-School Bulletin included articles about an upcoming referendum the Board of Education (BOE) is bringing before Lawrence Township residents for a vote on January 23, 2018.


The estimated cost of the referendum is approximately $25 million. Business Administrator Tom Eldridge submitted the proposed projects and projected costs, supplied by our architects, to the New Jersey Department of Education, to learn how much of the cost will be paid by the state. The feedback we received is that all projects are eligible for partial state funding. Thus, the New Jersey Department of Education will pay approximately 40% of the costs of the referendum.


Anticipated referendum projects include:


  • air conditioning classrooms and some other spaces not already air conditioned;
  • life safety system upgrades at all schools and district buildings including telephone, public address, intrusion alarm and access control systems;
  • boiler and heating system replacement at Lawrence Middle School (LMS) and possibly Lawrence High School;
  • elevator construction and related work at LMS (to provide accessibility to all parts of the school to those persons on crutches, in a wheelchair, or who have a disability); and
  • security vestibule construction at Slackwood School, Eldridge Park School, Lawrence Intermediate School, and LMS.


We will provide referendum updates at BOE meetings and via social media such as our website (, free e-newsletter QuickNews (subscribe via our website), district Facebook page, and Twitter account (follow Stay tuned!


Questions? Contact Tom Eldridge at (609) 671-5420 or or BOE member Max Ramos at