• Home Instruction Resources

    Speech Therapy Grades 7-12

Home Instruction Resources
  • Week 1

  • Please complete 20 questions from a language skill once, twice or three times per week. (Depending on how many speech sessions you receive per week). Type your answers next to each question. 

    Problem Solving

    1. Josh sat down to do his homework and realized he'd left his glasses at his friend's house. Josh called his friend and asked him to bring the glasses to school the next day.  What was Josh's problem? How did Josh solve his problem? What else could Josh have done?
    2. Maria is sad because her friend Amy is moving.  She's afraid Amy will forget her. Maria and Amy have decided they will write each other one letter every week. What is Maria's problem? How does Maria solve her problem? What else could Maria and Amy do to stay in touch? 
    3. Sheila's friend invited her to a slumber party. Sheila had never spent the night away from home before so she decided not to go to the party. What was Sheila's problem? How did Sheila solve her problem? What else could Sheila have done? 
    4. It's time for Noah's swimming lessons. What problem does Noah have? What should he do? 
    5. Mariah wants to color a picture for her grandpa. What problem does Mariah have? What should she do?
    6. Drew is getting ready to leave for school. While he is tying his shoes, one of the laces breaks. What problem does Drew have? What should he do? 
    7. Amanda is trying to take her coat off, but she can't get it unzipped. What problem does Amanda have? What should she do?
    8. Shannon's family had to move to a different town. Today is his first day in his new school. Shannon stutters a lot when he is nervous. He is nervous about meeting his new classmates and talking to them. 
      1. What is the problem? 
      2. What could Shannon do? 
    1. Cody brought his pet tarantula to school today. He will tell his class about his pet and how he takes care of it. Emily is in Cody's class. Emily is terrified of spiders. 
      1. What is the problem? 
      2. What could Emily do? 
    1. Tasha loves ballet dancing. She practices every day. Today is her recital. She wasn't nervous until she peeked out of the curtain and saw the audience. Tasha isn't sure she can dance in front of all those people. 
      1. What is the problem? 
      2. What could Tasha do?


    1. Do you think riding a bike is easy or hard? Why? 
    2. Do you like having a clean room or a messy room? Why? 
    3. Do you like watching long or short movies. Why? 
    4. Do you like getting up early or sleeping late? Why? 
    5. Do you like eating snacks that are crunchy or soft? Why? 
    6. Do you think playing tag is fun or boring? Why? 
    7. Would you rather play inside or outside? Why? 
    8. Would you rather have a big or small dog? Why? 
    9. Would you rather eat sour or sweet candy? Why? 
    10. Would you rather eat pizza with thick or thin crust? Why? 
    11. Would you rather sit on a soft or hard chair? Why? 
    12. Would you rather play cards or a board game? Why? 
    13. Would you rather watch cartoons or a movie? Why? 
    14. Would you rather eat Jell-o or yogurt? Why? 
    15. Would you rather go fishing or fly a kite? Why? 


    1. Jessica said, "This spaghetti tastes like cardboard!" Do you think Jessica likes spaghetti?
    2. Dan said, "Having a dog is very expensive and it's too much work!" Do you think Dan  wants a dog? 
    3. Mr. Jensen said, “Your report was very interesting, Yoshi." Do you think Mr. Jensen liked Yoshi's report? 
    4. When Sarah asked Patti to go shopping, Patti said, "Thanks, but I'd rather clean my room!" Do you think Patti likes to go shopping? 
    5. The Carters were stopped in traffic. Mr. Carter said, "I think we're going to be here a while!" Why do you think Mr. Carter said that? 
    6. The Kramers pulled into the parking lot. Mrs. Kramer said, "I don't think they're open." Why do you think Mrs. Kramer said that? 
    7. "Max, I'm so proud of you! You got all of your spelling words right!" Who do you think said that to Max? 
    8. "I don't think it's broken, but let's take an X-ray just to be sure." Who do you think said that? 
    9. "Come on guys! Let's get some hits this inning!" Who do you think said that? 
    10. "Tenesha, here's five dollars. Thank you for feeding our cat this weekend." Who do you think said that to Tenesha? 
    11. "Jacob, I want you to stay out of my room!" Who do you think said that to Jacob? 
    12. Amanda watched a robin carry food into the same tree over and over. “There must be baby birds in that tree," she thought. Why did she think that? 
    13. The tournament was scheduled for June 15th at two o'clock in the afternoon. The rain date was for June 22nd. How do you know the tournament will be held outside? 
    14. Ben's cousin goes to school in a large city. He has invited Ben to spend a few days with him many times. Ben has always said no. How do you think Ben feels about visiting his cousin? 
    15. The students left the museum. They were quiet and their faces were somber. Some were crying quietly. A boy laughed and was quickly hushed. What type of museum might these students have seen? 
    16. Aunt Brianna pushed her grocery cart to her car. She could not unlock the trunk or the door. What might be the reason? 
    17. Fred got shovels out of the garage. He started the snow blower. Fred's brothers and sisters came  outside to help. What would they do? 

    Cause & Effect

    Tell what you think might have caused each situation. 

    1. Why might people hear sirens?  (someone got in a car accident)
    2. Why might the dog wag its tail? 
    3. Why might the children have to stay inside for recess? 
    4. Why might a child have to sit in the time-out chair? 
    5. Why might a baby cry? 
    6. Why might Cliff be too tired to get up in the morning? 7. Why might Paige bring treats to school? 8. Why might Kim have won a blue ribbon at the fair? 
    7. Why might someone go to the emergency room at the hospital? 10. Craig turned on the light switch, but no light came on. Why might this have happened? 
    8. Mrs. Smith went outside and called her dog, but the dog didn't come. Why might this  have happened? 
    9. Chris went to get his permission slip for the field trip so his dad could sign it, but it wasn't in his backpack. Why might this have happened? 
    10. Tracy came out of school and found her bike on its side. Why might this have happened? 
    11. A car was on the side of the road. No one was in the car. Why might this have happened? 
    12. Betsy was playing outside in the grass. When she came inside, she had a rash. Why might this have happened? 

    Contrasting the following items

     (How are they different)

    1. shoes . socks  (Socks are made of cotton, shoes have laces and you tie them)
    2. gloves • mittens 
    3. ring • bracelet 
    4. pen. pencil 
    5. letter word 
    6. juice milk 
    7. coat • sweater 
    8. jeans • shorts 
    9. microwave • oven 
    10. couch • chair 
    11. window • door 

    Comparing the following items 

    (How are they the same)

    1. shoes • boots  (they both go on your feet, you buy them in a shoe store) 
    2. sidewalk • street 
    3. teacher · principal 
    4. doctor • nurse 
    5. school · library 
    6. button • zipper 
    7. backpack • wallet 
    8. cow • pig 
    9. cat • dog 
    10. grandpa . uncle 
    11. feet • hands 
    12. shampoo • toothpaste
    13. apartment • house 
    14. ocean • lake 
    15. salt • pepper 
    16. stoplight . STOP sign 
    17. football • basketball 
    18. home address • e-mail address 
    19. sink • bathtub 
    20. square • rectangle 

    Answering Why Questions 

    Answer each why question with a reason

    1. Why do we wash our hands? 
    2. Why do we need sleep? 
    3. Why do we wear coats?
    4. Why do we go to the doctor? 
    5. Why do adults go to school? 
    6. Why do children go to school? 
    7. Why do we need food?
    8. Why do we drink water? 
    9. Why do we have phones at home? 
    10. Why do some people have cell phones? 
    11. Why do we wear shoes or boots? 
    12. Why do we need clocks? 
    13. Why do some families need cars? 
    14. Why do children and adults visit the zoo? 
    15. Why are there restaurants? 
    16. Why do schools and homes have windows? 
    17. Why does a builder use a ladder? 
    18. Why do people cry? 
    19. Why do we laugh? 

    Answering When Questions 

    Answer these questions about when things happen. 

    1. When you do wear a coat? 
    2. When should you carry an umbrella? 
    3. When do you blow out candles on a birthday cake? 
    4. When is your birthday? 
    5. When do you close your eyes? 
    6. When do you wake up?
    7. When do you use a blanket? 
    8. When can you see the moon? 
    9. When do you go to recess? 
    10. When do you eat lunch at school? 
    11. When is it fun to hide from a friend? 
    12. When do you clean your bedroom? 
    13. When do you brush your teeth? 
    14. When do you feel sad? 
    15. When do you have your picture taken? 
    16. When do you organize your backpack? 
    17. When would someone pack a suitcase? 
    18. When do you need to call a doctor? 
    19. When should you call the fire department?

    Predicting Possible Outcomes 

    To predict several outcomes for a situation 

    “I will ask you some questions about a situation. Guess what will happen next.” 

    1. A boy is riding his bike home. What will he do next? 
    2. A girl finished drinking her juice. What did she do then? 
    3. There's no milk in your refrigerator. What will you do next? 
    4. Your sister woke up with a fever. What happened next? 
    5. When you got home from school, you were really hungry. What did you do? 
    6. It's time for bed and your clothes and books are all over your bedroom floor. What will you do next?
    7. Omar sees that the oven is hot and a cold casserole is in a pan on the counter. What will happen next? 
    8. The mail carrier just delivered your mail. What will happen next? 
    9. You blew out the candles on your birthday cake in one breath. What did your friends do next? 
    10. Your family just sat down at the table to eat dinner. What will happen next? 
    11. You put cereal and sugar into a bowl. What did you do next? 
    12. You're playing outside and it starts to rain. What will you do next? 
    13. The grass in a city park is long. What will happen next?
    14. Jonas aimed his camera at his family. What will Jonas do next?
    15. The battery for Heather's cell phone is running low. What will Heather do?
    16. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. What will friends give to each other? 
    17. Some food in the refrigerator is moldy. What will happen to it? 
    18. A mail carrier delivered mail to a mailbox. What will happen next? 
    19. Olivia planted some seeds in a pot of dirt. What will happen to the seeds? 
    20. Larry broke his arm and went to the hospital. What will happen to his arm? 
    21. Tyler poured red paint into white paint. What will happen to the paint? 
    22. You lost your favorite toy. What did you do next? 
    23. You just got out of bed. What will you do next? 
    24. You are holding toothpaste and a toothbrush. What will you do next? 
    25. You just finished breakfast. What will you do next? 
    26. It's Saturday afternoon and your homework and chores are done. What will you do next? 
    27. The baseball goes out into the street and you dash across the road to get it. What might happen next? 
    28. Your baby brother is crying. What will happen next? 
    29. The first time you wore your new sandals, the strap broke. What happened next? 
    30. Shaundra took a cracker out of the box. What did she do next? 
    31. The coach put his whistle in his mouth. What did the coach do next? 
    32. There are lots of flies in Mr. Karim's house. What will he do?