Five ways to raise a reader:
    1. Read aloud to your child, even if they can read on their own.
    2. Let your child see you reading.
    3. Discuss books with your child.
    4. Let children have a choice about what they read for pleasure.
    5. Have books around the house. 
    The public library is a great place to get started.  The Lawrenceville Branch is right around the corner.

    How to choose a "just right" book:
    Helping your child find a book that's on his or her reading level has never been easier just have your child follow these simple steps:
    1. Have your child read a page of text.
    2. As your child reads have him keep track of the words he doesn't know on his fingers.
    3. If your child can read all the words on the page, the book is too easy for her.
    4. If your child has difficulty with five (5) or more words, this book is too hard.
    5. If your child has trouble with two (2) or three (3) words on a page, this book is just right.
    Children in second and third grades have learned this "five finger rule"  for selecting books.