Slackwood Library Media Center

  • "Readers are Leaders!"

    Mrs. Stacey Moore

    Librarian/Media Specialist

    Phone: (609) 671-5580 extension 8031

    Hours: Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. During school hours.



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  • In the Slackwood Library

    What do you see?

    Shelves with books

    And the Giving Tree.


    Cause reading, my friends,

    Is a gift that’s unique

    So we check out new books 

    Every single week!


    Come on,  do the dew,

    What are you waiting for?

    We’re going to read, 

    And then read some more.


    Remember to be quiet

    Don’t raise your voice.

    Pick up a book

    Of your very own choice.


    How to find it?

    Don’t be in distress!

    Melville Dewey’s system

    Is a success!


    A, B, C  and

    1, 2, 3

    Finding any book

    Is as easy as can be!


    Texts filled with facts

    That are real

    Are all non-fiction.

    It’s a deal!


    But if you read about

    A made up creation 

    That’s called fiction

    From imagination.


    Please return the book

    When it’s due

    As other children 

    Want to read it too.


    Now, do you want to learn

    About the past?

    Mrs. Saretzky

    Will teach you fast.


    And look around 

    For more reading fun

    Pop up libraries 

    are here for everyone!


    Slackwood Library - 

    the greatest place ever!

    Let’s stop by

    And explore it together!