Principal's Page

  • Robbins

    From the desk of:
    Kathryn M. Robbins

    I am pleased to welcome you to Eldridge Park School. Our program is designed to provide students with a sound foundation for future learning. The program focuses on the child as an active learner with the curriculum designed and implemented to emphasize the processes of learning. The ultimate objective of the instructional program is to prepare students for a responsible, productive existence in a rapidly changing world through an emphasis on basic skills and concepts, learning processes, responsive behavior, and effective interpersonal relationships.


    The objectives for kindergarten through third grade are identified for all areas of the curriculum.


    Eldridge Park School provides a planned and balanced instructional program commensurate with the abilities and education needs of students in the following areas; language arts, math, science, social studies, computer literacy, art, music, physical education, and health.


    Critical and creative thinking skills are emphasized in all disciplines.


    The primary purpose of the instructional program at Eldridge Park Elementary School is to provide students with a learning environment that is enriched, supportive, and responsive to their academic and social needs.