Mrs. Ashleigh Tangen

Phone: 609-671-5560


Degrees and Certifications:

Early Education PreK-3 Elementary Education Masters of Special Education

Mrs. Ashleigh Tangen


Welcome to Preschool! 


I'm excited to start a new school year, with fresh beginnings, fresh faces and fresh families.  


My teaching experiences are quite extensive and span the globe.  I began my career as a pediatric occupational therapist in a hospital setting.  I loved the teaching part of therapy, but needed to work with kids more than once a week to see great gains of skill.  My OT background led me to the school setting where I found my passion for the special education and inclusive classroom setting.  I got my post-bachelors degree in education soon after and completed student teaching in a Bill and Melinda Gates technology school in a full-day kindergarten (way before full-day kindergarten was the standard).  The technology was fun and quite impressive even with 5-year olds.  My special education degree came from Australia where I moved there to get an Master's of Education degree in an inclusive classroom setting.  I learned how to team-teach and adapt the curriculum in the regular classroom setting quite quickly and effectively.  I did get the occasional opportunity to go snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef and hold a Koala too.  Teaching should also be fun!


I've taught preschoolers through college students.  I just love preschoolers!  They are maneuvering through their little worlds in ways that we have easily forgotten. Yes they are sponges, but so much more.  They are learning to jump, balance on one foot, write their names, make friends, follow directions, eat new foods, sing new songs, ride bikes, draw, catch a ball, use the potty - blow bubbles at the swimming pool --- the list goes on and on.  Its no wonder when their heads meet their pillows at night, they are out cold ... they are amazing little creatures who are growing up too fast, playing catch up - or just along for the ride.  


Early childhood is an adventure.  I'm so happy to play the engine in the classroom train and offer guidance to the many unique and individual box cars that join up.  We are all work together as a team, learning from each other and caring for everyone along the preschool path.  Welcome, and All-aboard!