Business Department

  • Thomas Eldridge

    Business Administrator/Board Secretary

    (609) 671-5420

    Cellular (Emergency contact) (609) 649-9109

    Note: In emergencies, call the Lawrence Township Police Department at 911. The Lawrence Township Police Department has access to all administrators during emergencies.

    Beth Farletta

    Secretary to the Business Administrator/Board Secretary

    (609) 671-5420

    Responsibilities: Board agendas, Public records, Budget information, Audit information, Official minutes, Board policies, Appointments with the Business Administrator, Emergency management, Insurance certificates, primary contact for the Business Division and for any of the following departments as necessary



  • Gerald Truehart

    Senior Accountant

    (609) 671-5416

    Responsibilities: General Fund, Grants, Debt service, Supervision of Payroll, Benefits, Purchasing and Accounts Payable, Banking, Internal controls.

    Robert Craig

    Internal Accountant

    (609) 671-5417

    Responsibilities: Cash reconciliations(all funds and accounts), Student accounts, Internal audits, Internal controls reporting directly to the business administrator.  


Payroll & Benefits

  • Sharon Miller

    Senior Bookkeeper

    (609) 671-5436

    Responsibilities: All payroll, benefits, pension topics, including but not limited payroll processing and disbursement, payroll taxes and withholdings, pensions processing.


    Peg Fenerty


    (609) 671-5435

    Responsibilities: Time sheets, Check disbursement, Free and Reduced Price lunch applications and determinations



  • Lisa Ireland


    (609) 671-5413

    Responsibilities: Purchase orders, Purchasing compliance concerns, Vendor resources, Affirmative Action files, Vendor credentials, Student Activities


Accounts Payable

  • Diane Molaro


    (609) 671-5412

    Responsibilities: Vendor payables, Invoice processing, Vendor affidavits, Check processing


Student Registrations

  • Jill Posluszny


    (609) 671-5453

    Responsibilities: Registration of new and transfer students



  • James Alberti

    Director of Facilities and Property Management

    (609) 671-5415

    Responsibilities: Building repairs, Capital projects, Building use (rentals), Cleaning, Grounds maintenance, Energy management, Emergency management, Supervision of all maintenance and custodial personnel


    Maureen Johnson

    Secretary to Facilities Department

    (609) 671-5414

    Responsibilities: Staffing, primary contact for the Facilities Department and Building use

    Stephen Tkacs 

    Maintenance Supervisor

    (609) 847-2422


    Michael Chomicki

    Custodial Supervisor

    (609) 847-2684


    Matthew Connolly

    Safety and Compliance Officer

    (609) 203-1219

    Responsibilities: Emergency Response Plan, Facilities repairs, Chemical hygiene, Asbestos management, Hazardous Communications Standards, Indoor Air Quality, Fire and Security alarms and communications, Emergency management, Safety inspections, Safety investigations, Safety reporting, Safety training, Integrated Pest Management, Blood Borne Pathogens and contact for assisting with matters similar to those listed here.