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  • COVID Reopening Meal Service


    During the beginning phases of re-opening our schools, we will offer breakfast and lunch to our students. Until we return to unrestricted operations, our Transportation Department will distribute meal bags for the week (Wednesday - Tuesdays) to homes on Wednesdays via contactless delivery. Food will not be provided for days that school is not in session.

    How do I order meals?

    If you want meals, you must request service via email: and/or Requests for breakfast and lunch must be made separately. Meals will only be delivered to students who have contacted us through these email addresses. You only need to email us once unless you want to make changes. Only students who are enrolled in Lawrence Township Public Schools are eligible for this program.


    What information should I include in the email? What’s included in the meal?

    When ordering, please include the ID number for each student that wishes to receive the meals and the school he or she attends. Also, verify your current address in the email.

    Each meal will include a low-fat milk serving as well as storage and preparation instructions. The meal will comply with all Department of Agriculture regulations for child nutrition. We will offer vegetarian and non-vegetarian weekly meal bags. If you wish to receive vegetarian meals, please specify this in your email when ordering.

    How do I pay for meals and what are the prices?

    Students who normally pay for meals will have their accounts debited for the appropriate price for their grade level. To minimize contact, we will not accept payments at the school buildings. Account deposits must be made through the website at This year, reduced meals will not be charged at the usual $0.40 per meal fee. Lunch prices are as follows:


    Lawrence High School…………..….$3.45

    Lawrence Middle School……….…..$3.35

    Lawrence Intermediate and all Elementary

    Schools (Grades PK-6)……………..$3.10

    Breakfast all grades……………..…..$1.95


    What if I was on free or reduced lunch last year? Do I need to reapply?

    Students who are currently approved for free or reduced lunch will remain on the program through October 20, 2020. On October 21, 2020 the status of students who have not re-applied will be changed to the paid category and students will be charged for their meals. Students will be responsible for any charges incurred while awaiting approval. Please allow several days for processing. Charges will be made for 5 meals unless the application is approved prior to Wednesday delivery days. For faster processing, please log into the Genesis Parent Portal at to re-apply for free or reduced lunch or to see if you qualify. Paper applications can also be obtained from your child's school main office or at the Board of Education building.


    On the first week of school, meal bags will be delivered on Tuesday, September 8 and will contain 6 breakfasts and/or lunches. In the future, you will be notified on your instruction sheets if we plan to deviate from the usual Wednesday delivery day the following week.

    Please contact Dining Supervisor Marybeth DiLorenzo at with any questions.











    In accordance with the new federal nutrition standards for school meals, new meal patterns have been established to meet the USDA standards. A healthier and wider variety of vegetables, fruits and grains will be offered each week. Strict limits on fats, calories and portion sizes will be observed. All milk will be Fat-Free (including any flavored milk) or 1%. Milk continues to be included as part of a complete meal and is included in the meal price. As always, all of our breads, pastas, pizza crusts and coatings will be whole grain. We continue to be a trans-fat free district. More information can be found at the Maschio website and at


    High School & Middle School:

    At both campuses, we have a wonderful made-to-order deli that is served with freshly made vegetable salad. A selection of whole grain rolls, wraps, sliced breads and toppings are available to create your own deli delight.  A delicious hot entree, burger, buffalo chicken patty or chicken tenders are available  or pasta selection is also available daily. Choose from freshly baked pizza with assorted toppings or a hamburger or chicken patty to make your meal.  Visit the Potato Bar to top oven baked potato wedges with natural cheese sauces, vegetable selections and various other topping selections to complete your plate.  All lunches are served with fruit and vegetable choices and a milk selection. We offer a wide variety of specialty salads such as Chicken Caesar, Buffalo Chicken, Garden Veggie Salad in our grab-n-go salad bar. In addition we offer a selection of healthy juices and beverages, yogurt and low-fat snacks. New to this school year we have added freshly made fruit and yogurt smoothies.  A 16 oz serving with a grain serving is a complete meal.  At the High School and the Middle School, breakfast is offered daily. 


    Elementary and Intermediate Schools:

    Your elementary student has many healthy choices each day.  In addition to our ever changing selection of hot entrees, choices include a daily special BAKED unbreaded all white muscle meat chicken nuggets or tuna salad on wheat. At the Intermediate School, your student may also choose freshly made Pizza daily as a main entree selection.  All entrees include two vegetables and fruit choice.  In addition, students may choose a complete meal of Fruit & Cheese or a Hummus and Fruit Platter, both served with whole wheat pita bread.  A Yogurt meal with Low Fat Yogurt is also available daily.  It comes with string cheese, veggie sticks, a corn muffin, and fresh fruit.  Complete any lunch with a low-fat milk selection.  Also available are a Whole Grain Cereal Lunch or Whole Wheat Bagel Lunch.  These include string cheese (2), veggie sticks, fresh fruit, and milk choice. Breakfast is served at LIS, Eldridge Park and Slackwood Schools daily.



    Every full lunch or breakfast includes a fat-free or low fat milk selection.  All flavored milk is fat-free.  Water can not be substituted for milk.  Water is available for purchase at all locations.  Water fountains are available to students during all lunch periods.  Each full lunch selection always comes with choice of low-fat or skim milk.  Students may choose up to two of each fresh or steamed vegetable, and fresh or cupped fruit.  If you have any questions regarding menu options, please feel free to call the Dining Services Office at 609.671.5594.

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