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    Are you considering buying a home in Lawrence Township and first want to know more about Lawrence Township Public Schools (LTPS)? Or are you a current resident and want to learn more about what LTPS offers? Look no further!

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    At Home in Lawrence

    Welcome to Lawrence Township Public Schools




    Situated in the heart of Central New Jersey, Lawrence Township Public Schools serve a diverse population of students and families.  This cultural diversity adds to the uniqueness and appeal of our seven schools.  Over 1300 students attend our four PK-3 elementary schools, over 920 students in grades 4-6 attend Lawrence Intermediate School, over 590 students in grades 7-8 attend Lawrence Middle School, and over 1150 students attend Lawrence High School.


    Our educational programs provide a solid foundation in early learning experiences that not only support academic success, but also foster collaborative play and social interaction skills needed in today’s global society.  Students (and teachers) in our elementary and intermediate schools develop an understanding of their own individual learning styles and use this information to enhance teaching and learning.  Inquiry-based instruction is a focal point in our schools.  At an early age students learn to question their environment, propose ideas, test their own theories, and communicate their findings in a multitude of ways.  The District currently has a 1:1 laptop program, where all students in grades 6-12 receive a Chromebook.


    As students transition to middle and high schools they engage in a rigorous educational program that helps develop the skills necessary for post-secondary career choices and prepares them for advanced study at some of the most prestigious colleges and universities.  In addition to the core academic program, Lawrence Township has an outstanding fine, performing, and related arts program that supports the many talented technicians, musicians, artists, vocalists, and drama performers attending our schools.  We also offer a variety of clubs, activities, and competitive athletic teams in which students can choose to participate.  


    We are fortunate to receive continued support and commitment from our parents, community leaders, local corporations, supportive foundations, college and university partners, and local education foundation.  Lawrence Township Public Schools values these partnerships as we all work together to help our students achieve and become the good citizens of tomorrow.


    Lawrence Township Public Schools Mission Statement

    The mission of the Lawrence Township Public Schools is to foster a community that:

    • values academic excellence, critical thinking skills, and lifelong learning;
    • challenges each student to become a responsible citizen of a global society;
    • respects different learning styles and adapts instruction accordingly.