The Lawrence High School Library Media Center is a two-story 5,000 square foot facility that houses books, DVD's, and audiobooks.



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    Please come by to check out books, learn more about our digital resoucres or study in our cozy areas. 


    About the School Library Media Specialist: 
    Ms. Ewa Dziedzic-Elliott is a head librarian at the LHS Library Media Center. 
    When Ms. Elliott was 6 years old her mom was offered an opportunity to become a librarian but there was a catch... the township didn't have a space for the library and the Dziedzic family had a brand new two story house. Believe it or not, but their home became the town's new library! When you are growing up you get chores: cleaning, washing dishes, etc., but Ms. Elliott had to copy cards for card catalogs, organize cards in alphabetical and numerical order, shelve books and perform many other library duties...
    Her love for the library and books is as deep as it was back then, but she also developed new love for information search, website evaluation and databases. Come to the library and she will share with you her knowledge and appreciation for the traditional library and the XXI century inquiry!

    About the School Library Media Assistant:
    Ms. Hall  is passionate about literacy and education.  Before becoming a Library Media Assistant she worked for many years as a substitute teacher and in event planning where she put her B.S. in Restaurant and Hotel Management to good use.  She lives in Jackson, NJ with her husband Robert and her two sons, Dorian and Royce.  Next time you’re by the Library Media Center, swing by and say hello!