2024 Lawrence High School Summer Programs

  • LHS Summer Program

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       Students will be accepted based on academic needs, with remedial courses running through the online APEX Learning Program.  

      Students will be required to log into APEX Learning (hybrid model), complete required assignments for the remedial summer course, and earn 60% or higher in order to earn credit for that course.  Students will have set due dates to guide their progress to finish by August 2nd, but students will have some flexibility to work at their own pace.

      Summer School teachers will be monitoring students' online and in person progress, grading assessments, and offering instruction through online office hours through the duration of the summer course.   Students only need their Chromebooks for the summer school courses.

      Dates:  July 8 - August 2
      Available Classes:  English, Modern World Civ, American Civ 1 and 2, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, PE and Health.  

      Students will be receiving a username and password for APEX Learning by the start date and will have a short summer school presentation on the first day to generally explain how summer school through APEX Learning will work.

      LHS will also have the Honors Prep Academy this summer! It will focus on skill development and honors/AP preparation. The Honors Prep program will run from July 8th - July 17th.