Academic Support Instruction (ASI)

  • The goal of the Academic Support Instruction (ASI) program is to provide students (and teachers) with an additional teacher resource who acts as an intervention specialist for students displaying academic difficulty in math and/or language arts literacy.   The ASI program is structured to provide students with a half or full year of support.  At the end of the first semester, students demonstrating successful improvement may be exited from the program. Students demonstrating academic deficiencies in the general education program may also qualify for ASI during the second semester. 

    ASI teachers are knowledgeable about the general education curriculum, skillful at anticipating student difficulties with learning tasks, and adept at working with the general education teacher to provide ongoing differentiation, adaptation and modification of the general education curriculum, instruction and assessment. 


    For more information:

    • Ben Franklin - please contact Geoff Hewitt at 609-671-5540 or
    • Eldridge Park - please contact Amy Amiet at 609-671-5560 or

    • Slackwood - please contact Jeanne Muzi at 609-671-5580 or

    • Lawrenceville - please contact Melissa Lockett at 609-671-5570 or

    • Lawrence Intermediate School - please contact Alyson Fischer at 609-671-5530 or

    • Lawrence Middle School - please contact Mindy Milavsky at 609-671-5520 or

    • Lawrence High School - please contact Melanie Fillmyer at 609-671-5458 or