About STOPit Anonymous Reporting System

  • Lawrence Township Public Schools use STOPit, an online and app-based system, to empower students, parents, teachers and others to anonymously report anything of concern to school officials – from cyber-bullying to threats of violence or self-harm.

    Our students will have access to the STOPit mobile app, which has two simple but powerful features.

    Specifically, the program educates students to:

    • Recognize the signs of at-risk behaviors
    • Take every sign and signal seriously
    • Report it anonymously through STOPit App/Web or 24/7 Incident Response Center
    • Alert designated administrators to issues and risks early, before they escalate 
  • Time is critical when a person may be at risk. STOPit's all-in-one app and web-based Incident Management System is used to quickly inform assigned response teams and 911 (as needed) of submitted incidents – resulting in faster, more actionable responses to both life and non-life threatening situations. 


    Access Code:  532d0a3038

Last Modified on December 2, 2022