#Lawrence Strong

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    The Lawrence Township Public Schools realize that as a community, we are not exempt from the crisis affecting our country and world. During these trying times, it DOES take a village to get through this. The difference today is, we will do it virtually! Through the work of our counselors, administrators, teachers, school support staff, parents, and many more, we will come together, unified in our commitment to learning:

    • about this crisis,
    • how it impacts all of us, and
    • how we can persevere!

    We are a student, parent/guardian, teacher, school counselor, child study team member, SAGE counselor, coach, theater production director, administrative support staff, security, custodial, and food service staff. We are all committed to every village member’s social and emotional health and well-being.

    Our goal is to provide you various resources and options that will help us all navigate this challenging time. We will ask you for your insights, celebrations, and challenges you are experiencing and those coping skills you have established to help you through this.

    Together, we will change the world, one child at a time!