Social/Emotional Resources K-6

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  • The Lawrence Township Public Schools are committed to the social and emotional well-being of everyone in our schools, especially as we navigate this new distance learning environment.    Our social distancing measures can obviously be very difficult for many of our students to handle, so our priority is to provide activities and resources to help strenghten our resilience during these difficult times.   

    The activities and resources listed on this webpage are provided in order to extend this focus on social-emotional learning into your homes.   Please choose any activities that you feel would best suit your child/children and their needs, and reach out to your child's counselor if you have any questions or concerns during this time.  Our main priority is your health and safety during this time of at-home learning.

    Please scroll down for ideas to practice mindfulness (K-6) or choose one of the links (on the left) to find activites for K-3, including read alouds and Second Step homelinks, or Grades 4-6, incluidng journaling and other SEL resources.  The last link at left offers parent resources for discussing coronavius (Covid-19) with your children as well as other community supports.

Mindfulness (K-6)

  • Mindfulness is paying attention to what is happening within us (thoughts, feelings, emotions) so that we can respond calmly to any situation, with kindness and compassion.  Developing mindfulness in our students helps them to better focus and pay attention, as well as identify their feelings and utilize strategies to help them calm down and self-regulate.  Practicing mindfulness can help to ease anxiety as well as help us to act calmly with kindness and compassion toward others which is so important during these unprecedented times.  Choose any of these activities to help your child develop their sense of mindfulness and self-regulation.

    Click on the links below for more Mindful Moments to practice, mindfulness activities to do, and more mindfulness websites and apps that you can access online.  Click on the left to reach the read alouds, journal prompts and other SEL activities.