• Home Instruction Resources

    Occupational Therapy Grades 4-6

Home Instruction Resources
  • Week 1

  • Dear Parents and Guardians,

    Here are some suggestions of activities to address occupational therapy needs and things to do in the event we are not in school. Please feel free to contact me with ANY questions or concerns.

    Elizabeth Mayo

    Karen O’Brien


    VISUAL MOTOR: Handwriting and Visual activities

    Enclosed are several visual motor and writing activities. It is fine to help your child complete these if they cannot do this by themselves.

    • Activities included:
      • Dot-to-Dot pages
      • Geometric coloring page
      • copying pages

    • Typing activities and games

    • Typing.com- user name and password will be included

    • BBC dance mat typing

    • Other typing games

    • Games and other family activities

    • Play board games- operating spinner and moving board pieces are good for fine motor and visual perceptual skills.

    • Play card games such as Uno- dealing, shuffling and holding cards work on hand strength and dexterity

    • Interlocking puzzles- maybe set up a card table with a large puzzle in front of the TV. Puzzles are great for visual perceptual skills.

    • Jigzone.com – great on line resource for interlocking puzzles


    SENSORY: Calming and wake-up activities

    Each child is different, but we encourage that you try some of these activities with your child.

    • Calming:
      • Get in an upside down position
      • Read a book while you are rocking in a chair
      • Give a firm bear hug
      • Wall push ups
      • Hold your open hand in front of your mouth, take a deep breath, pretend to “blow out the candles” and bend each finger down as you blow
      • Listen to soft music
      • Dim the lights
      • Drinking from a straw, sippy cup, or sports bottle

    • Alerting/Wake-up Activities:
      • Jumping
      • Dance to music
      • Running
      • Eating crunchy foods
      • Play Simon Says!
      • Play “Freeze” by dancing and turning off the music to “Freeze”!
      • Just Dance or Go Noodle


    MOTOR: Heavy Work Activities for Children at Home!

    When children move their bodies and “work” their muscles it helps them with body awareness, calming, strengthening and focus! Try some of these ideas when you are home with your children. Kids love to do what their parents do, model the activity and play along!

    • Push/Pull a laundry basket filled with books, pillows, or toys. Roll up some socks into a ball and throw them into the basket!

    • Wipe a table or window clean with a wet cloth or towel, have them dry it!

    • Push or pull a wheeled suitcase filled with books!

    • Eat crunchy foods (heavy work for your jaw)!

    • Set up an obstacle course with couch cushions and pillows. Have them crawl, walk, jump around the obstacles! Put a pillow on the ground run around it, try to jump over it!

    • Lie on stomach and read books, color or other fine motor activities

    • Push against a wall with your hands/back/legs!

    • Go on a swing

    • Go for a walk

    • Yoga/stretching (there are tons of videos on YouTube)