• Home Instruction Resources

    Speech Therapy Grades 4-6

Home Instruction Resources
  • Week 1

  • There are THREE general speech and language areas. Please choose the area(s) that you work on when you are in speech.

    Area 1: Speech Sounds

    • Continue practicing your sound(s) every day for a few minutes

    • Use your homework practice sheets, if you have it

    • Focus on saying your sound(s) correctly

    • Correct errors

    • Pick one or two:
      • Practice your speech for five minutes before or after dinner.
      • Practice your speech 25 times before turning off the light to go to bed.
      • Practice your speech during commercials of one TV show.
      • Practice your speech 25 times before or after playing video games.
      • Practice your speech while your family cooks dinner.
      • Practice your speech for five minutes while riding in the car.

    Area 2: Language

    • Read a story or book for 10 minutes and answer WH-Questions
      • Who: Who is the story about?
      • What: What happened in the story?
      • When: When did it happen?
      • Where: Where did it happen?
      • Why: Why did it happen?

    • Pick one or two:
      • Make predictions about the story: What do you think will happen next? Why?
      • Make an inference about how the character(s) feel and why they did what they did.
      • Tell up to 3 details from the story
      • Tell a parent, sibling, or friend what the story is about and discuss it
      • Pick 3 of your vocabulary words and make a sentence for each of them

    Area 3: Social Skills

    • While reading a story, book, or seeing something on TV or real life:
      • Identify the problem(s)
      • Come up with 2 solutions

    • Rate the problem as serious or not very serious:
      • Not a very serious problem like a paper cut
      • A very serious problem like a fire.

    • Role Play: Act out part of a story, book, TV show or movie with a parent, sibling, or friend. Act like the main character.  How did that person act, how were they feeling, how did they behave based on where they were or who they were with?  Discuss why they acted and felt that way.