• Home Instruction Resources

    Speech Therapy Grades K - 3

Home Instruction Resources
  • Week 1

  • Language Building Games

    These are some games that you may already have or can buy in stores or online that are great for building language, spelling and thinking skills. The whole family can play them together.

    Language Concept Skill Development

    • Apples to Apples Jr.
    • Scattergories Jr.
    • Hedbanz Jr.
    • Buzzword
    • My Word Jr.
    • 20 Questions For Kids board game
    • Loaded Questions Jr.
    • Outburst Jr.
    • Taboo –older 12+
    • Don’t Say It- Ages 6+
    • Blurt
    • Password Jr.-
    • You’re Bugging Me – Ages 4+
    • Pictionary for Kids

    Spelling Games

    • Hangman
    • What’s Gnu?
    • Boggle
    • Bananagrams
    • Nerdy Wordy
    • Smart Mouth
    • Word for Word


    • Sentence Says game
    • You’ve Been Sentenced game
    • Mad Libs game books

    Following Directions

    • Hulabaloo
    • The Cat in the Hat “I Can Do That” game
    • Scavenger Hunt for Kids Board Game

    Early Childhood  Games

    • All Eric Carle games (Very Hungry Caterpillar, Brown Bear, ABC Game, etc)
    • 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed game
    • Go Fish (good for turn-taking)


    • Tongue Tanglers
    • Tri-Words

    Thinking Games/ Language Processing

    • SET card game
    • Rack-O
    • Guess Who?
    • Clue
    • Shut the Box (math)
    • Blokus
    • Sudoku for kids
    • Mancala
    • “HedBanz for Kids” or “Guess What I am?”  -Similar games

    And the best language building activities…

                   READ!       READ!      READ!    

    PLAY with others!    PLAY outside!     PLAY with toys!