• Extended Learning assignments

    The purpose of home learning is to have students integrate the skills they are learning in the classroom at home.  This is different from traditional homework assignments.  This allows students flexibility with their learning and move away from "busy work".  Assignments may be assigned daily, weekly, or monthly. 

    Word Study- This will be given on Mondays and due on Fridays

    Math- This will be given at the conclusion of a lesson.  Check planner for math assignments

    Reading- Students are required to read 20 a night.  I do not require a reading log, instead students are given a month book project to complete.  They are given at the beginning of the month and due on the 1st of the next month. Project due date: November 1st

    Writing- Personal journals (PJ's) are due every Tuesday.  Students may write about anything they like.  I ask that they write at least 2 paragraphs.