• United Sports Apparel will be our supplier of varsity jackets.  They will be taking orders and sizes throughout the course of the school year.   They will be back at Lawrence High School in the spring of 2020 during all lunch periods.

    Varsity Jacket


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    There are a few rules and tips:

    1) It would benefit you to bring your varsity letter that day in a plastic bag with your name on a piece of paper and place the paper in the bag.  This will help ensure that you do not pay $45 for the wrong type of letter because we do not order our letters from United Sports Apparel.  The letter that they would create is different than our Lawrence High School Athletic Letter.

    2) Student-athletes are recommended to speak with their parents whether you want extra items placed on the sleeves or back such as jersey numbers or positions.  Those decisions should be made before ordering the jacket and do cost extra.

    3) The Lawrence Athletic Department has purchased a varsity jacket for student-athletes to try on throughout the school year.   This jacket is located in the athletic office.

    4) The jacket company when at LHS will have a table where each student-athlete may try on a jacket for sizes and tell the representative what they want on their jacket. The student-athlete must bring a $200 deposit for the jacket.   The athlete will then be instructed by the representative of United Sports Apparel how to take the receipt home and discuss with their parents the procedures.  The Athletic Department does not sell the jackets, we provide the varsity letter from the lists that coaches give us at the end of each sports season.  United Sports Apparel is the company that will take the order and ship the jacket to you.

    For more information, please contact Kim Foley:

    Email: kfoley@unitedsportapparel.com

    Phone: 973-575-7840

    https://www.unitedsportapparel.com/ (Click: Find Your School, Type in: Lawrence High School, Enter ABCD for Package Code)