A book is TOO EASY if:
             *You read the story too fast,
             *There are no "tricky" words,
             *You find it difficult to pay attention.

      A book is TOO HARD if:
             *You read the story very, very slowly,
             *The words are too difficult,
             *Some of the book does not make sense,
             *You have to constantly go back and reread.

     A book is JUST RIGHT if:
               *You read at a comfortable pace and don't rush,
               *You pay attention to the words,
               *You're able to figure out "tricky" words,
               *You can think about the story the whole time,
               *You enjoyed it even though it required some work.




    When You Get Stuck...


    1.) Reading the pictures.
    2.) Get your mouth ready.
    3.)  Chunking
    4.)  Stretch it out.
    5.)  Skip the word and read to the end.
    6.)  Try to re-read the sentence.
    7.)  Ask for help.



      It is so important for children to explore various genres of literature (fiction, multicultural, non-fiction, biographies, etc.) at an early age. Please read with your child fruequently and encourage them to read to you. I LOVE to hear about stories read at home, and I am sure you will hear about ALL the wonderful texts we will be reading in school!!!