• Birthday Celebration Policies



    Happy Birthday to this the students who celebrate their Birthday this month! 

    Classroom Celebrations:

    Birthdays are such an exciting part of the school year! Parents who wish to send in a special treat for the class are more than welcome to. Kindly deliever the special treat into the office by 12:00pm or send it in with your child in the morning.  We currently have 17 students. Due to time constraints and academic demands, parents are not invited in for birthday celebrations. However, there are plenty of times throughout the year we will be invited to come in. Also, it is helpful if you send in napkins along with the special birthday treat. 


    INVITATIONS TO PARTIES OFF SCHOOL GROUNDS: We will distribute invitations to the students via their daily folder, provided that there is an inviation for EVERY student. Some parents wish to invite only particular students from class, which is completely understandable. However, in that case, parents will be required to distribute the invitations outside of school. 


    Prohibited Items:  We ask that you do not send in actual cakes.  Cupcakes are a good option as they are easy to distribute.

    ****Candles, goodie bags, and balloons are strictly prohibited.****  


    Thank you for your understanding and continued support regarding our class policies!



    * Please note: If your child will not be celebrating a birthday due to religious affiliation, please let me know. Thank you!