• Hola, bienvenidos, welcome to espanol.

    To learn Spanish, this year is our goal.

    Me llamo Senora, that's Mrs. to Nguyen.

    I'll greet you each day as we begin.


    Mis hijas, my daughters, Laila and Brielle,

    A las cinco y a las siete, they're doing well.

    We live in Pennsylvania, veinte minutos away.

    Wake up by five thirty for every school day.


    For a total of diez anos I taught Spanish at LHS.

    In my fourth year now where I started in 2001 at LIS.

    Teaching everyone in fourth, fifth, and sixth grade

    I begin in a different classroom each and every day.


    2019 marks veintiuno anos in education so far.

    We're going to work together, vamos a trabajar.

    It's going to be a great year, excelente, muy bien.

    I'll challenge you each class, otra vez, and again.