Athletic Hall of Fame



    We are now accepting nominations for the Hall of Fame Class of 2025.  Nomination forms can be found at the bottom of this page. 



    Mission Statement

    The Lawrence High School Athletic Hall of Fame’s mission is to recognize, honor and celebrate the excellence of former student-athletes, coaches, administrators, and others for their outstanding accomplishments and positive contributions to the Lawrence Township Public Schools athletic program.   These individuals of the Cardinal family have helped bring honor and distinction to Lawrence athletics not only during their athletic careers, but also in their lives after high school.


    A. Athletes

    To be eligible, an athlete must have participated in athletics while attending Lawrence High School. The candidate must have graduated from LHS a minimum of five (5) years prior to his/her nomination. The candidate must, during and following his/her career, have exemplified the attitude and conduct that is a credit to Lawrence High School. Each nominee must have made a significant achievement in their sport. This may have taken place at the high school, college, professional or amateur levels. 

    B. Coaches

    The candidate must have coached at Lawrence High School and completed coaching in the Lawrence Township Public Schools at least five (5) years prior to nomination. The candidate must have distinguished him/herself by demonstrating exceptional leadership, character, and athletic coaching achievement.

    C. Special Contributors

    Any person who has made a significant contribution toward promoting athletics in the Lawrence Township Public School District.

     D. Team

    Any Lawrence High School athletic team that compiled significant success including, but not limited to wins, league, division, sectional or state championships.



    A. The Committee will select no more than eight athletes, two coaches (one male and one female), one team and two special contributors at an Awards dinner on a date, to be determined each year, by the committee.

    B. The Committee shall identify a maximum of fifteen former athletes for consideration of induction each year; included in the fifteen shall be any/all of the individuals not selected in the previous year. The Committee shall strive for balance including gender, ethnicity, sport(s) and graduation decade among the selected individuals. Each individual will be contacted and requested to submit a resume of their athletic and personal achievements. Upon review of these submissions, the committee will vote and select the individuals for induction.

    C. The Committee shall meet and by consensus select one team, one male coach, one female coach and special contributor(s) for induction.


2015 Inductees

  • 2015 HOF Sara Beaber-Fujioka

    Brett Brackett

    Barbara Fecak

    Vernon Hicks

    Christie Icenhower MacDonald

    Nicole McMullen

    Mindy Milavsky

    Amy Perhach Briggs

    Keith Richardson

    Rick Smith

    Michelle Solack-Yuro

    Andrew Steiner

    Edyta Szczepankowska Riley

    1990 Field Hockey Team

2014 Inductees

  • 2014 HOF

    Laura Barrall  
    Todd Brunner
    Cathy (Rosato) Florek
    Joe Franc
    Pat Haggerty
    Sarah (Lamont) Kocmond
    Iza Kotowski
    Dean Mason
    Michael Moore
    George Tiger
    Tony Watson
    1974 Baseball Team



2013 Inductees

  • Mike Angelotti
    Kathy Biglin
    Donna Frascella
    Jesse Goldstein
    Thomas Harrington
    Kira Kuzman
    Devin Picott
    Marilyn Roman
    Mark Savino
    Ryan Stein
    Johnny Vaughn
    1998-1999 Boys' Basketball Team

2012 Inductees

  • Tom Bartolino
    Brian Caloiaro
    Scott Caloiaro
    Elizabeth Feinberg Gaynos
    Jessica Feinberg Gurganus
    Doug Mazzoni
    Ryan McCormick
    Ed Naylor
    Larry Nickol
    Phyllis Pietras
    Beth Starr 
    Andrew Surtz
    Tashema Whittaker
    2000 Boys' Swim Team

2011 Inductees

  • Annette Arduini (Frascella)
    Dick Beach
    Jim Csogi
    Mickey Forker
    Shannon Maruca (Carroll)
    Enechi Modu
    Paul O'Neil
    Mark Polakowski
    Mike Savino
    John Schneider
    Bob Whartenby
    Len Weister
    1972 Football Team

2010 Inductees

  • Dave Bossio
    Harry Conover
    Doris Cowan
    Ashley Kenyon
    Charles Lackey
    Gary Melillo
    Tim Murphy
    Sharon Richardson
    Jenny Steiner
    Karl Thomas
    Ron Udy
    1980 State Champion Boys' Soccer Team

2009 Inductees

  • Chris Chamuris
    Jim Brooks
    Myrtle Coxon
    Steve Groeger
    Kathy Brophy
    Valerie Coyle
    Julius Gause
    Karen Hatchett
    Kim Hatchett
    Rubin Joyner
    Sonny Nictakis
    John Rivero
    1983 Cross Country Team

2008 Inductees

  • Lou Angebraandt
    Ed Shirk
    Laszlo Adam
    Scott Brunner
    Lori Dowers
    Dianthia Ford-Lee
    Liz Hill-Warter
    Kirk Louderback
    Chester McKay
    Glenn Myernick
    1967 Boys' Soccer Team