Middle School

  • Survivors of The Shoah Foundation has an excellent site with a fantastic lesson for teachers and students, called Pyramid of Hate. There is no direct link so when you get to the site, click Education, Teacher, then Pyramid of Hate. Using the information provided on the site, including live video clips of testimonies, students study the Pyramid and learn how hate can escalate in a society. The goals of the lesson are to teach tolerance and understanding.  I really appreciated the intimacy of the testimony, as part of the lesson.  There is much more at this site but you will have to explore it for yourself.  Middle school and up.


    The Museum of Tolerance Multimedia Learning Center, is a site worth hours of exploration. There is a Multimedia Learning Center, a fascinating Teacher Resources section, a glossary and library.


    There  are links to the Museum of Tolerance where you can find teachers guides grades 7-12.


    Remember.org is dedicated to the survivors and preserving their stories. The site manager Joey Korn is son of a survivor.  It has an interesting lesson plan for Anne Frank


    Anne Frank: One of Hundreds of Thousands.  Lessons for teaching Anne Frank in Historical Perspective.


    • Anne Frank for teachers guide is committed to providing information and educational materials for teachers and educators about Anne Frank, the history of the Holocaust, and discrimination today. The Required Reading section currently features a bibliography. The Curriculum section includes teaching guides that are easy to print. The Download Materials area provides easily printable materials that you can use when preparing lesson plans on Anne Frank or related topics.

    • Anne Frank, Diary of a Young Girl, and other resources for teaching about the Holocaust.



    Lessons for life is a  NJN documentary that examines how the Holocaust is taught in public schools.   In addition to New Jersey, the documentary takes viewers to Germany, Poland and Israel to see how students there are being taught about this part of history and what lessons can be learned.  Recommended for fifth grade and up.


    Warsaw Uprising - Better for young readers.


    Memories of the Night: A Study of the Holocaust, by Anita Meyer Meinbach and Miriam Klein Kassenoff.  Divided into sections covering, Historical Perspectives, Literature and Lessons for Today, Memories of the Night is designed for teachers to help them bring the lessons of the Holocaust to life.  First person accounts and the literature of the Holocaust form the basis for a variety of interdisciplinary activities that encourage students to connect the lesson to the principles that will govern their own lives.   The authors use real life stories to explore issues of prejudice, stereotypes and scapegoats, all of which reached full magnification during the Holocaust.