Elementary Level

  • Number the Stars by Lois Lowry has become the accepted book for fourth grade classes in Lawrence Township.  The web is filled with incredible sites offering lesson plans and ideas.   Here are some of the ones I liked best.  Check them out and then bookmark your favorite.  From A Teacher’s guide to the Holocaust



    “The Number on my Grandfather’s Arm” by David Adler

    “Best Friends” by Elisabeth Reuter

    “Child of the Warsaw Ghetto” by David A Adler

    “The Feather-Bed Journey”, by Paula Kurzband Feder

    “Rose Blanche” by Roberto Innocenti

    “Let the Celebrations Begin” by Margaret Wild

    “My Secret Camera” by Frank Dabba Smith


    Hanukkah in the Hiding Place
    a third grade teachers ideas of teaching prejudice reduction to a young group.



    Search Engine for Young Students

    A non-commercial, fast search engine called Dibdabdoo only looks for adult-reviewed sites safe for children and teens. The site currently has about 1 million links in its database.