Lawrence Township Public Schools Character Education




    In Lawrence Township Public Schools (LTPS), we are proud of our students'  achievements. Throughout the district achievement is measured, recognized and appreciated in a variety of ways at various stages of educational development.  





    Students at all levels have a curriculum infused with character education.  LTPS follows the national Common Core Standards for Language Arts Literacy and Mathematics.  Other subjects meet the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards.  Working collaboratively, developing higher order problem solving skills and differentiating learning are inherent in these standards.  At the high school level, special courses such as gender studies, multi-ethnic literature and Teen PEP support these new standards.



    Let Me Learn


    The Let Me Learn program promotes achievement by identifying each student's learning patterns.  Students are encouraged to advocate for their own learning styles as well as be able to recognize peers' learning styles when working in collaborative environments.  Through Let Me Learn, teachers understand how a student is best suited to learn and how to help develop their weaker skills.  The program begins at the elementary level and is carried through the high school years. 



    Response to Intervention (R.T.I.)


    R.T.I. is a program that is used to monitor and adjust all students' levels of learning.  It meets individual student academic needs, resulting in increased academic achievement.  At the elementary and intermediate school levels, students are assessed on a regular basis and are placed in the appropriate level of instruction based on the data.  Students can move into any level of decreased or increased support based on their individual needs at the time.



    Peer Peer Tutoring


    At the intermediate level, 6th grade peer tutoring emphasizes the importance of caring for others and of being a good citizen.  These tutors help improve the understanding of math and reading skills for younger students.  At the high school level, peer leaders meet with freshmen weekly to help them transition from the middle school to the high school.



    Supportive Groups


    There are many student groups that help our students achieve to their fullest potential.  At the elementary and intermediate levels, students act as safety patrol members.  These students help our student population focus on respecting the school, themselves and others.  At the middle and high school levels, the Student Assistance Counselor meets with groups to help them better cope with personal challenges in their lives.  Students are encouraged to participate in the Lindsey Meyer Teen Institute, a youth leadership training program for students in New Jersey.



    What LTPS elementary school students are saying about achievement...


    "When I first came to school, I was shy.  This year I was confident and was a greeter for the visitors who came to our Centennial Celebration." - Haley


    "When I was younger, I always wanted to get a home run in kickball, but I wasn't very good.  I kept practicing and practicing until one day in the after school program this year, I kicked a home run." - Eric


    "In the beginning of the year in math, I cried and cried and cried all the time because I didn't know how to do it.  Now I don't cry anymore and sometimes I get my math done before my teacher is done explaining it to someone else." - Kezia


    " The first time I could speak English." - Mathias



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