Lawrence Township Public Schools Character Education




    Lawrence Township Public Schools (LTPS) strive for all students to be successful and have a strong belief that ALL students can learn. Teachers, administrators, parents, community members and peers support our students in rising to meet their challenges.



    MorningMeeting Fostering Success


    There are many programs in place to encourage our student body to reach for the stars. At the elementary level, we nurture social skill development through morning meeting, small group meetings and a monthly social skill target such as joining a group, keeping personal space, and developing conversation manners. Our 6th grade leadership club mentors students in social and academic aspects to encourage success for all. At the high school level, pride cards are given throughout the year to recognize students who are "caught" doing something good.

  • LHS Student Recognition


    There is recognition at many levels for those who have achieved success. Our younger students are recognized for demonstrating exceptional character skills. The students are deemed as "Kids of Character" or "Shining Stars." They are often referred to as bucket fillers and can receive a "Golden Heart Award" or "Take Care" recognition. One student from each elementary school is recognized as a Caring Ambassador by Mercer County Counseling Association, which is chaired by the LTPS Elementary Counseling Team. In the intermediate school students are praised for achievements in various ways. VIP students who have achieved Character in Action Awards are recognized during the daily morning show aired throughout the school. At the high school level our students are recognized every Friday when they are caught doing something good and their picture is aired on the morning announcements. Student of the Month breakfasts give teachers a chance to recognize a student in their class for a variety of successes and in turn, students vote to recognize a teacher at these breakfasts.


    What LTPS elementary students are saying about success...



    "I am successful because when the work gets hard, I don't give up." - Larry


    "I succeeded when I finally got 100% on my math test because I was working really hard." - Samantha


    "I learn my math facts quickly. I practice at home after my teacher shows me how to do it." - Dania


    "I feel successful because I am going to LIS." - Erin


    "I feel successful when I am being kind to others." - Ariana


    "I am successful because I work really hard and put a lot of thought in what I do." - Ricardo


    "I felt successful when I made some friends who helped me out of being shy." - Kezia




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