Lawrence Township Public Schools Character Education




    In Lawrence Township Public Schools (LTPS) we foster leadership at all levels.  Guiding our students on the path from pre-school to graduation, we nurture leadership qualities in the students. 



    Mentoring Mentoring


    Leading the way from the elementary level, students participate in cross age, peer buddy programs where students mentor younger peers and students with special needs. They are taught how to resolve conflicts peacefully and mediate resolutions among younger students. This progresses to the intermediate grades where 6th grade students work with 5th grade students in the peer tutoring club and in character development lessons. At the high school level, the National Honor Society (NHS) created a group called "The Cardinals Nest." These students tutor at-risk freshmen. The NHS also tutors elementary students who participate in the Every Child Valued after school program. "THREADS" is another high school program in which students mentor middle school and other high school students on a weekly basis.

  • SchoolOps School Operations


    During the elementary years, 3rd grade students have opportunities to host morning announcements, which are broadcast live on television on a daily basis throughout the school. Growing into the intermediate years, students not only broadcast the announcements, they help draft the communications.

  • Service Service Learning


    Service learning is an integral part of all of our schools. At the high school Operation Smile, an organization that helps children in third world countries afford surgeries for cleft palates, is one of our most popular service learning groups. During the summer, students participate in leadership training to be able to participate in such groups.

  • TechClub Other Leadership Opportunities


    Our intermediate school offers several ways for students to lead. Opportunities include leadership club for every 6th grader, safety patrol, technology club, character club, community service club, and the dewey decimators club. At the high school, there is a core team of student leaders who served as the "Be the Change" team for Challenge Day, held in yearly since 2013. Not only do students help organize the event, they also lead the follow-through activities to spread the positive message to the rest of the school.


    What LTPS elementary students are saying about leadership...


    "I feel like a leader when we are walking in the hallways being quiet and the kindergarteners are there. They copy us being role models." - Isabella


    " I felt like a leader when we were lining up at the bus stop. Some people were teasing someone and I told them to stop, and they did." - Ryan


    "I feel like a leader when we were carrying the torch for Relay for Life." - Mark


    "I feel like a leader when Mr. M. said that the kids look up to us." - Katie



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