• The goal of the counseling office is to support the social, emotional, and academic development of all students.  This growth is encouraged through guidance lessons, small guidance groups, individual counseling, school character education initiatives, consultation with staff and families, and coordination of services. 


    Detail of Services


    Classroom Guidance Lessons – Monthly lessons are taught in the classrooms.  Topics are designed to aide students as they deal with typical development.  Topics include making good choices, self-esteem, peer relations, character traits, conflict resolution, and emotions.

    Character Education Coordinator- 

    Small Guidance Groups- Groups are formed of 4-8 students who are referred for similar needs.  Groups change each school year based on the needs of the students.  Possible topics are changing families, social skills, self-esteem, anger management, and school success. Parent/Guardian permission is obtained before a student enters a guidance group.


    Social Groups – Groups are held throughout the school year that allow students the opportunity to interact with one another while eating lunch and playing games.  These groups are called “Lunch Bunch” and last for 6 weeks.  Parents will always be notified if their child is in a lunch bunch.

    Individual Counseling – The counselor works individually with students to help them resolve problems, deal with changes, develop coping skills, and enhance decision- making skills. Individual counseling sessions is a short-term limited intervention. 

    School-based consultation with teachers, families, and specialists

    Referral Assistance

    Coordination of Services – The counselor also takes part in community service projects and PTO sponsored service to families; serves as the coordinator for our Intervention & Referral Services Committee; serves as the school Anti-Bullying Specialist, serves as the school coordinator for NJASK3; co-facilitates monthly school meetings; manages 504 plans; serves as the contact person for CAP and Campfire Programs; Coordinates Mentoring Program, Character Trait of the Month Program