Library Media Center Rules and Procedures

  • It is important for all students to remember proper behavior in the library. It is a quiet place for all students and staff to use. Our library behavior rules have been discussed with all of our students. They are:


    • Respect one another
    • Stay quiet during story time and lesson
    • Raise your hand to speak
    • Be sure to walk at all times
    • Respect library materials



    Book care is also an important part of our library procedures. We have talked about proper book care together and we remind our students about these important rules. We would be grateful if parents would emphasize our rules at home. They are:


    • Make sure your hands are clean when you read a book
    • Do not eat or drink while reading a book
    • Turn the pages of the book from the top corner
    • Never write, scribble, glue or cut the pages of a book
    • When reading, use a bookmark to keep your place
    • Keep your book in a safe place at home so you can find it easily on book return day