Graduation Requirements

  • In order for a student to graduate from Lawrence High School and receive the state-endorsed Lawrence Township Board of Education diploma, each student must:


    A. For the class of 2017 and beyond, demonstrate a minimum proficiency required by the state of the Partnership for the Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) in the areas of English Language Arts and Mathematics




    B. Successfully complete a minimum of 27 credits effective for students the Class of 2017 and beyond. 


    The course work must include the following course requirements:


      • English 4 credits
      • Mathematics 3 credits, including content equivalent to Algebra I and Geometry
      • Science 3 credits, including content equivalent to Biology, and one additional laboratory/inquiry-based science course
      • United States History 2 credits
      • World History 1  credit
      • World Languages 1  credit or pupil demonstration of proficiency
      • Physical Education & Health/Safety 1 credit for each year of public high school enrollment in NJ
      • Visual, Fine & Performing Arts: 1 credit
      • 21st Century Life/ Careers or Technical  1 credit
      • Financial, Economic & Business Literacy 0.5 credits
      • 6 credits for Class 2017 and beyond          


    Note: Minimum graduation requirements should not be confused with college/university admission requirements. The general rule for most four-year colleges/universities is that applicants should have completed a minimum of 16 to 18 academic units upon graduation. Normally, academic units are considered to be full and half-year courses in college preparatory Math, Science, English, Social Studies and World Languages.  See Graduation Requirements below.


    2017-2018 Graduation Requirements