Graduation Requirements

  • In order for a student to graduate from Lawrence High School and receive the state-endorsed Lawrence Township Board of Education diploma, each student must:

    A. Meet the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) high school graduation assessment requirements in both English Language Arts/Literacy (ELA) and mathematics. The high school assessment graduation requirements that are in place for the Classes of 2023-2025, are:

    1. Demonstrate proficiency on the NJGPA in grade 11 for ELA and Math.

    2. Demonstrate proficiency in ELA and/or mathematics by meeting the designated cut score on a substitute competency test such as other high school-level NJSLA/PARCC assessments, the SAT, ACT, or ACCUPLACER.

    3. Demonstrate proficiency in ELA and/or mathematics by submitting, through the district, a student portfolio appeal to the NJDOE.

    For further clarification, including proficiency levels/cut scores for the Classes of 2023 and for ongoing updates, please review New Jersey’s High School Graduation Assessment Requirements at (updated September 2021). And B. All students must pass 25 credits of high school coursework to graduate.

    The course work must include the following course requirements:

    1. English: 4 credits

    2. Mathematics: 3 credits (Including Algebra I and Geometry)

    3. Science: 3 credits (Including Biology, Chemistry, and one additional lab science)

    4. United States History: 2 credits

    5. World History: 1 credit

    6. World Languages: 1 credit

    7. Physical Education and Health and Safety: 1 credit for each year of public high school enrollment in NJ

    8. Visual, Fine, and Performing Arts: 1 credit

    9. 21st Century Life & Careers and Technical: 1 credit

    10. Financial, Economic and Business Literacy .5 credits

    11. Elective Courses: 4.5 credits