Garden News

  • With spring on the way, the LES Garden will once again become a hub of growth and activity! We are grateful to Farmer Mel from Snipes Farm who not only guides us in the planning stages, but provides us with such valuable environmental education. Visiting this garden will be quite an experience for students this season. 

    Imagine the beautiful bulbs finally beginning to sprout in the Peace Garden. Add to that some new perennials like milkweed to attract pollinators and lavender to offer a wonderful sensory experience. Inside the garden itself, we plan to expand the strawberry garden and add a long planter box along the fence to allow vegetables like beans to grow vertically. Before long, students will get to harvest and taste the delicious fruits, vegetables and herbs they've tended to all these months. 

    Garden lessons will start again soon, and students will put these plans into action. Expect to hear about their adventures in this outdoor classroom as they dig, plant, water, weed, harvest and enjoy all that our garden has to offer.