Student Assistance Corner

  • The Student Assistance Program offers the following services to LHS students and families.


    1.Drug Use Intervention

    The Student Assistance Counselor helps students who are dealing with substance abuse issues through counseling and referrals to appropriate outside agencies. The SAC serves as a resource to   parents who are anxious regarding their child’s suspected or actual drug use.


    2. Support Groups

    Support Groups are offered to all students. The groups deal with building confidence and developing good ways to deal with stress and  effective problem solving . These groups are run during the school day. They are not therapeutic but self empowering.


    3. Prevention-LMTI

    Drug abuse prevention and self-esteem building are important parts of the Student Assistance Program. The Lawrence High School Chapter of the Lindsey Meyer Teen Institute provide students with the opportunity to participate in many anti drug and anti-tobacco initiatives.

    Students provide community and school-wide service in the area of drug prevention such as distributing drug prevention materials at Back To School Night, Community Day, the Great American Smoke Out, Tobacco Clean-up and many other outreaches.