LHS Attendance Policies & Procedures

  • Student/Parent Responsibilities When an Absence Occurs


    Students are expected to attend school and all scheduled classes daily. Students are responsible for keeping a record of their class absences.  When absent, a student must bring a parent or doctor‘s note indicating the reason for the absence. The student will receive an Absence Form from their homeroom teacher or the Attendance Office, which will allow the student to make up missed tests and assignments. Students are responsible for contacting their teachers and making up missed class work or tests. In the case of anticipated absences, the assignments should be obtained in advance and completed upon the student‘s return to school.


    Parents are responsible for their student‘s daily attendance at school.  If a student is going to be absent from school, a parent or guardian should notify the school by calling the Attendance Office prior to 9:00 a.m. on the day of the absence and by sending a note with the student upon his/her return. If the nurse sends a student home, a parental note is not necessary for that day.  If students are absent, they may not be on school premises any time during the day. Parent or doctor’s notes are required for a student to be able to make-up assignments and tests that are missed.  


    Parental notes must include:

    1. Student‘s first and last name
    2. Date(s) of absence
    3. Reason for absence
    4. Parent signature




    All explained and unexplained absences count against the student in determining the threshold for denial of credit.  However, it remains important for a student to provide a parent or doctor‘s note for the absence in order to make up class work, assignments and tests missed as a result of the absence. 


    If a student does not provide a valid note the student will be considered truant.  In such cases, the student will not be permitted to make up class work missed and will be subject to disciplinary action.  The administration or school nurse will determine the validity of notes. The principal (or his designee) and Attendance Review Committee may consider the nature of any absences and the reasons for which some of the absences may have occurred in deciding whether credit should be awarded or denied in cases in which the threshold number of absences is exceeded.   Routine illnesses, doctor visits and college visits are considered part of the 15 absences. Unusual circumstances such as major surgery, death in family or extended illnesses are legitimate reasons for appeal.  Absences due to OSS, ISS or early dismissal because of LHS athletic department scheduling will not be considered as part of the 15 absences.  


    Absences and Make Up Work


    Students will be allowed to make up all work missed during absences if they provide a note and receive an absence form. If the student had prior notice of assignments or tests scheduled for a day on which a student was absent, the work should be handed in or made up on the first day that the student returns to school.  Otherwise, completion of assignments and tests shall take place within a reasonable period of time, to be determined by the teacher. This shall not be less than an amount of time equal to the time missed.  (For example, if a student is absent for 5 consecutive days, he/she should have at least 5 days to make up the work.)  Make-up exams must be arranged by the Guidance Department and are only permitted if the student has a parentmor doctor‘s note for the absence.  The Guidance supervisor will determine the validity of the note.


    Absences due to In-School Study (ISS) and Out-of-School Suspension (OSS): All missed assignments must be made up.  Students are required to submit a 250-word essay for each physical education class missed due to ISS and OSS.  The topics for these essays should be a physical education activity or related health topic.  They must be given to the activity teacher on the day that the student returns to school.


    Absences and Physical Education Requirements


    • Students are expected to be dressed in gym clothes everyday for class.
    • Students who are in swimming class will need a swimsuit and towel everyday.
    • Students are expected to participate to the best of their ability in their activity.


    The following are some reasons that students will lose points:


    • Failing to complete a 250-word essay for each day of ISS or OSS
    • Cutting class
    • Unprepared for class
    • Not completing an assignment when excused by a parent note
    • Being tardy unexcused to class beyond 5 minutes


    If a student needs to have a medical excuse from Physical Education that student must provide a doctor‘s note to the school nurse. Students who have medical exemptions or limitations for Physical Education due to chronic conditions must submit a note to the school nurse each academic year. Students who have medical exemptions or limitations for swimming due to chronic conditions must submit a note to Mr. Mason, Mr. Underwood or Mr. Zenerovitz.


    Attendance Appeals


    Parents will be notified on a regular basis of the student‘s accumulated absences from class.  This information will be provided on the interim reports, report cards and warning letters. A student who exceeds the number of allowable absences will lose credit for the course.  A student who wishes to appeal his/her case should submit the extenuating circumstances in writing to the Attendance Appeal Committee.  This committee will include an administrator, school nurse, school counselor and teacher.


    Attendance Standards and Consequences


    In accordance with school board policy, state law and regulations, the administration has set the minimum attendance for earning credit in a course.  The following are the maximum number of permitted absences in any course for any reason:

    • Full year courses: 15 days
    • Half year courses: 8 days
    • Three quarter courses (PE): 12 days
    • One quarter course (Health and Driver Ed): 4 days


    Any student who is absent from any class for more than the above stated number of days will be subject to denial of credit in that class.  If absent from school for more than 15 days, the student will be subject to denial of credit in all courses.


    All absences are counted and included in determining whether the maximum absences have been exceeded.  While there is an appeal procedure for obtaining credit if the maximum absences are exceeded, the presumption will be that credit will be denied, and the burden will be on the student and parents to show that special circumstances justify a restoration of credit.

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