Mr. Jeffrey Berry



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Jeffrey Berry


In all honesty, I've been very fortunate to be  a teacher here at LES now for 18

"wonder-filled" years!!!   Collectivily,  I'm actually begining my 22nd year as an

elementary school educator!!!  Seems hard to believe but in all those years, I continue to

approach each and everyday here at LES, with as much enthusiazm and

energy I can muster, to help provide the very best educatioal environment

for all of the students of LES, and not just ones I'm entrusted too each year.  

Today's students  face a rigorous and challenging curriculum and "yes", that is an absolute  fact, even in Kindergarten. 

The mirade of challenges and expectations they will encounter as they each begin

their own educational journeys in Kindergarten and in life,  is often a wonderful and equally dynamic 

place to be everyday. I can say with great confidence, something wonderful,  more often than not, something

wonderful happens everyday in that classroom!!! I myself and Mrs. Collins  get the great privilage of often seeing occur it 1st hand. 

It is a tremendous joy and  honor to be a teacher at LES!!!

 I'm so excited for the coming school year !!!

 As I mentioned, I am beginning my 19th year of Kindergarten here in

Lawrenceville. I also taught  Kindergarten in Highland Park, NJ for two years and I

started my trip "back to the classroom" teaching  third grade in Hopewell, NJ.

When I say I  love teaching young people, I truly mean it !!!  Short of being a

husband to my wife Jennifer (20 years this past December),  who  is a successful

local real estate agent and a great Mom to our three beautiful daughters

Taylor/26, and Grace/18, and Ella/17,  being a  Kindergarten teacher here at

LES has been one of my greatest joys in my 19 years as an ambassador of this

this very special little school.

We live in Yardley, Pa and have two indepentent but sweet cats named Gus and Henley as well as

two wonderful and playful dogs named Finnigan and Henry. Yes, its often a bit of a zoo at our house,  

but I would not change a single  thing if given the choice at the risk of losing what I already have....

more Blessings than I can count!!  I’m also, just to be clear,  a very

big NY Giants fan!  Let's hope the 2019 scampaign is better than 2018.


Mrs. Collins is also a huge part of  our class and she is wonderful!!! She loves

kids and has been my Teaching. Assistant now for about four years now.



We know its going to be an extrodinary school year for all !!! 

Don't blink, yhou might miss something!!

My very best regards,                                      

 -Mr. Berry